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Hire Agreement


We will do our best to make sure you’re happy with your hire but sadly an agreement has proved essential. Please do take the time to read it all. Be aware you must be 16 or over. Your signature acknowledges your awareness and agreement of the following:

1.Washing of costumes is the responsibility of the customer: all costumes must be washed (except our mascot costumes) either by hand or in the machine at 30º/40º without fabric conditioner or dry cleaned — this will be made clear at the time of hiring. Please use common sense when washing and separate colours and whites if necessary. Failure to wash costumes will incur a £5 charge per unwashed costume or £10/£16 for dry cleaning. Wigs must also be washed by hand using shampoo but no conditioner, rinsed and left to drip dry. All unreturned AbFab bags will be charged for - £6 to £12 to remake/replace.

2.Late returns will incur a penalty: If costumes are returned later than the agreed date stated on the agreement the customer will be charged £5 per day per costume for each day the costume/s remain outstanding (£2.50 for children’s hire and £4 for teens).

3.Your hire is final – no returns or refunds; we cannot refund even if your event is cancelled once you have taken the costumes. Please be sure that you are happy with the costume condition, cleanliness and fit before you hire: costumes taken without trying them on are not our responsibility and no refund will be given. Costumes must not be altered in any way.

4.Security Deposits:  As well as your payment by cash or card for the hire we must ensure our costumes are returned by taking your debit/credit card details for our security – not cash cards. All card details are kept secure and destroyed upon safe return of the costume.

5.We will attempt to call you if charges are to be made to your card – for late returns, washing or repair charges, or full costume replacement – but you are responsible for all repairs or replacements incurred by your hire and we will charge your card for all/any of the above. Otherwise a £60/200 cash deposit will be needed per costume depending on what is hired. If we are not able to take payment from your card then we will, as a last resort, action a small claim.

6.Your signature acknowledges your agreement to the above conditions and if we are unable to reclaim our costumes or recover costs on your card, further legal action will be instigated.

This is a Hire Agreement governed by the law of England & Wales. Sign only if you want to be legally bound by its terms. Under this agreement the goods do not become your property and you must not sell or alter them in any way. All outstanding debts will go to small claims.



We offer a huge selection of costumes from a wide range of eras and/or popular films. To view some of our specific themes, follow the links below:


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